“I had gotten stuck with a VP of my company, as I repeatedly proposed a change of course for a major project. In the workshop, I saw that I had been arrogant and overbearing in these conversations, and decided to try out something new. Literally the next day, a bargain was struck.”

—  Brent Segal, R&D executive, Lockheed Martin

“This exceeded my highest expectations. The work gave me profound insights around my professional goals and challenged my personal beliefs.”

— Froylan Hernandez-Ruiz, Senior Attorney, The Nature Conservancy

“It turns out that the best way to improve conversations about sustainability (or anything else) is to go deeper. Not deeper into the subject matter, but deeper into yourself so that you better understand how to overcome your own personal barriers to better communication. These insights are already helping me at work and at home.”

Scot Case

“This workshop provides key tools to address difficult conversations in work as well as life.”

Jason Metnick, Senior Vice President, Sustainable Forestry Initiative

“I learned the importance and power of planting a seed in each and every conversation.”

Roman Smith, Director – Sustainability Operations, AT&T

“The reality is that sustainability is all about change, and making change creates difficult conversations. This work provides a positive, open and honest way to have these difficult conversations that both maximizes effectiveness and strengthens relationships.”

Ali Ahmed, Senior Manager, Workplace Resources, Global Energy Management and Sustainability, Cisco Systems

“This was a stellar workshop for our constituents who are professionals in retail and consumer products companies. Participants powerfully reflected on how they think and talk about sustainability — and found ways to be more effective in their roles.”

Adam Siegel, Vice President, Sustainability & Retail Operations, Retail Industry Leaders Association

“In our community of professionals from Fortune 500 companies, we have seen common challenges as we work to engage people in our organizations and beyond. Authentic Sustainability brought a sense of humor to the difficult task of discussing the business value of sustainability — reflecting on where we’ve stumbled and setting our members on a pathway to high quality conversations for successful engagement. This could make a real difference in making sustainability efforts inviting and effective.”

Gib Hedstrom, Program Director, Sustainability Council – The Conference Board


It is often said that the pursuit of purpose can generate tremendous benefits for the organization, yet our experience is often the contrary.

Do you find that the pursuit of purpose appears relegated to a smaller number of sometimes frustrated individuals, clamoring for change and bumping up against others who seem indifferent or opposed?

Do you find your company oscillating between commitments to social responsibility and reaffirming the bottom line?

Are you noticing other companies developing more creative innovations for achieving environmental performance than you or your peers believe is possible in your organization or your industry?

Do you find yourself making positive claims about your organization to which others, or even yourself, respond with skepticism or cynicism?

We combine years of consulting experience with the latest research to architect and implement initiatives that unlock employee flourishing, engagement, creativity, and innovation. We help people create authentic alignment between personal, organizational, and societal ambitions that give rise to powerful stakeholder communications, a high-involvement culture, and enduring mission-driven organizations.

Organizational engagements are custom tailored to your needs and range from a half day workshop to a several day transformational strategic planning, culture, and stakeholder communication design session.

Contact us to explore how we can contribute to the flourishing of your organization and everyone it touches.

We need the creativity that can be harnessed from competing perspectives to craft a thriving organization and a thriving society. This book gives people the tools to take that on.

—  John Mackey, CEO, Whole Foods Market


Our introductory Breaking Through Gridlock workshop is designed for leaders, activists, and community-builders who want to develop the capacity to communicate powerfully with anyone about what they value.

This workshop invites participants into an inquiry about their own conversations, their own moments of inauthenticity, and the common pitfalls we all encounter in pursuit of a better world.

During the session, participants develop the capacity to transform the conversations that matter to them, and explore the possibility of advancing this approach in their organizations, and as part of larger movements.

Through changing the conversations closest to us, we create a better world right now – strengthening our immediate relationships within our families, communities, and organizations, while experiencing our own sense of purpose and accomplishment.

If we all develop the capacity to have productive conversations about the things that matter to us, the possibility exists to solve big problems, and to create a better future together.

Our introductory Breaking Through Gridlock workshop works well as a three hour session, with anywhere from 10 to 500 participants. In three hours participants are able to produce personal transformation and actionable pathways forward. For maximum impact, engagements over multiple days create a structure for participants to engage in several iterations of action and reflection. The minimum time required for an impactful Breaking Through Gridlock workshop is 90 minutes. Shorter talks offer people insights into what could be possible and what they might need to overcome to produce the change they are after.

Using PollEverywhere‘s live-response technology, workshops of all sizes feel like small, intimate discussions.

“If we want our investments to be a force for good, we have to make our way through a set of debates that too often get stuck: impact vs return, short vs long term, business vs. government as
the solution. This book gives people tools to transform these conversations and build alignment – whether you are a couple figuring out how to invest your retirement savings, or part of family
office trying to discern its legacy and impact.”

James Gifford, Senior Impact Investing Strategist, UBS


We run workshops and consult for companies, organizations, communities, and investor groups interested changing conversations to effect positive change.


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