This semester, will you send your students out into the world to have powerful conversations?

Our culture is intensely polarized around issues like climate change, diversity, and immigration. As educators, we can make a difference by spurring our students into action. We can help them break through the gridlock, strengthening relationships while making progress on issues that matter.

For the past few years, we have been working with a pilot team of faculty at universities like Cornell, UMichigan, MIT, and DePaul. They help students of all kinds to reflect and prepare, to go have challenging conversations, and to report back in discussions and reflection papers. The results are profound.

We can empower our students with the tools they’ll need to make progress in their relationships, organizations, and movements. Commit to joining this effort.

If you call your students into action, we’ll provide you with:

  • Free Curriculum Resources Package
  • A free coaching conversation to help you integrate the material in your teaching
  • A free exam copy of our book

Qualified educators can apply to receive the free Curriculum Resources Package here:


Our pedagogy, developed in partnership with a pilot team of educators, guides emerging leaders through and around various pitfalls, or recurring conversations among change agents that correlate with the experience of being stuck. It explores why we get stuck in pitfalls and how we can escape them.

The curriculum resource package is free to educators, and additional support and consultation on classroom implementation is available for reduced fees. The Curriculum Resource Package Includes:

  • Suggested timelines and syllabi language for four course formats (Semester, Quarter, One Week, and Workshop)
  • Discussion questions, worksheets, and assignments
  • Pedagogy teaching tips from our pilot team
  • Slide decks
  • An annotated bibliography
  • A booklet of exercises included in the Breaking Through Gridlock book


  • PollEverywhere explainer and tips for implementing this technology in the classroom
  • Student and faculty reflections and testimonials
  • Supporting resources (books, articles, videos, and other media that support faculty in teaching the Breaking Through Gridlock methodology)

We develop and support higher education curriculum that enables emerging leaders to effectively engage and create the change they envision, while supporting their own flourishing and the flourishing of those around them.

“While I teach the Breaking through Gridlock model in my sustainability course, I encourage my students to take on any avoided, stalled, or frustrating conversation in their lives around something that’s most meaningful to them. The topics of these conversations range greatly, from talking with a roommate about keeping a clean apartment, to discussing politics or the Black Lives Matter movement with family, even tackling disagreements about how to best raise their own child. As an instructor, I am continually impressed by the boldness of students willing to engage in conversations on what are frequently uncomfortable or deeply personal issues with friends and loved ones.”

Dr. Jess Vogt, Assistant Professor, Environmental Science & Studies, DePaul University


The Breaking Through Gridlock methodology is used in classrooms in higher education institutions around the world.


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